Supercharge your success rates in three steps

Welcome to Onramper!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to get up and running with the leading fiat-to-crypto onramp aggregator.

Before continuing, you should have your API key handy.

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If you’ve already signed up and haven’t received yours yet, let us know at If you haven’t signed up yet, get in touch to get a quote for a monthly or annual plan tailored to your business.

1. Get your redirect URL

By appending your API key to the URL, you can send your users towards our hosted widget:{your_key_here}

You can embed this URL into buttons or any other elements on your website. You can also pass additional parameters to it, such as the default cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies or amounts to display.

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Find more parameters (and examples) in the Customization section of the Onramper docs.

2. Integrate the widget

To offer a more consistent user experience, you’ll want to integrate the Onramper widget. It allows your users to buy hundreds of cryptocurrencies, without ever leaving your site — and you can customize it to perfectly match your brand.

Make the widget your own with our widget theming tool. Once you’ve found a combination of colors and UI styles you like, just copy the iframe code and add it to your site.

Of course, there are some presets there, too, so feel free to use those if customization isn’t your thing.

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Don’t forget to add your API key to the URL, as seen in section 1!

3. Learn. Iterate. Improve.

The Onramper Terminal is your one-stop shop for perfecting your onboarding flow.

Get rich insights into:

  • Where your users are coming from
  • Which payment methods they’re using
  • Your volumes by crypto, fiat currency, region and more

Want access? Reach out to us at