Repeat Payments

Repeat payments provide a convenient way for users to establish a payment plan that automatically handles recurring transactions. This feature is particularly useful for subscription-based services or regular purchases, eliminating the need for users to manually complete each transaction.

Providers Supporting Repeat Payments

These providers facilitate the repeat payment process, ensuring secure and timely transactions.

Enabling Repeat Payments

To enable the repeat payments feature, add the following query parameter within your widget integration URL:


For example, the URL to activate repeat payments will be:

Users can enable recurring payments by toggling the "Repeat Payment" switch within the widget interface.

Webhook Support

Onramper provides enhanced webhook functionality to support the monitoring of recurring payment transactions. For each recurring payment transaction, Onramper triggers two distinct webhook events:

  1. Pending: This webhook event is dispatched when a recurring payment transaction is initiated and is currently in the pending state.
  2. Completed: This webhook event is sent once the recurring payment transaction has successfully completed.

Webhook Payload Structure

The payload structure for these webhook events adheres to the same format as that of the standard transaction webhooks detailed in our documentation (see Webhook Implementation). To cater to the specific needs of recurring payment transactions, an additional boolean attribute is included:

isRecurringPayment: This attribute is set to true for all webhook events related to recurring payments, enabling you to easily distinguish between standard and recurring payment transactions.