Q: Do we need contracts with each onramp?

A: No — Onramper works straight out of the box.

If you prefer to contract directly with a specific onramp, however, we can make it happen.

Q: Why are aggregator fees cheaper?

A: Onramper generally doesn't add fees on top of those offered by onramps. For every single transaction, we fetch live quotes from all over the ecosystem to ensure your users receive the most amount of crypto. On average our fee-based routing saves 2.52% for the user

Q: How does Onramper monetize?

A: Our revenue comes primarily from the fiat onramps that we aggregate, which pay us a referral fee out of their margin. For clients who process over EUR 100,000 in monthly volumes, we don't add any additional fees. If you do even more volumes, we can even decrease the fees of onramps!

Q: We already have onramps. Is that an issue?

A: Absolutely not! The Onramper API makes it super easy to add onramps to your existing flow. You can keep your existing onramp integrations.
Even better, you can connect the webhooks from new and existing onramps into the Onramper Terminal for comprehensive insights and analysis of your onramps' performance.

Q: How do you reduce KYC friction?

A: Come transaction time, our routing engine rapidly assesses your customer’s profile. By weighing up 70+ factors, it identifies the optimal onramp — not just in terms of success rates and fees, but in the easiest route to completing a transaction.

For smaller-value transactions, extensive KYC is often not required. In this case, we can offer up the onramps that can complete the swap with minimal input from the user.

Q: We lack the resources to integrate. Is Onramper still right for us?

A: If anything, constrained resources are even more of a reason to integrate Onramper.

From your side, setup takes about eight lines of code. We’re on hand to help through the process, should you need us. After that, you can forget about onramp maintenance — we take care of it all.