Turn on and off various parameters supported by Onramper widget

supportRecurringPaymentsbooleanEnable repeat payments.
enableCountrySelectorbooleanDisplay the country selector.

Repeat Payments

Onramper's feature for recurring cryptocurrency purchases allows users to set up plans for automatic crypto buying. To activate this feature, users should append supportRecurringPayments=true as a query parameter in the URL. This addition enables the repeat payments functionality, offering a streamlined way for regular crypto investments.


Country Selector

Onramper's widget includes a feature enabling users to select their country to obtain a tailored quote. To activate this country selector, add enableCountrySelector=true as a query parameter in the URL. This functionality provides a more personalized experience. However, it's important to note that there may be country-specific and geo-restrictions imposed by onramp services, potentially limiting the ability to proceed with transactions in certain regions.