Wallets Parameter

There are currently two available parameters for customize the wallet behavior.

walletsstringString of wallet addresses that can be supplied to the widget
networkWalletsstringString of wallet addresses that can be supplied to the widget
isAddressEditablebooleanParameter to prevent the end-user from editing the wallet address.

The wallets parameter accepts a string of wallet addresses that can be supplied to the widget.

The format for a single wallet address is colon-separated by the Onramper Token ID and the wallet address.


You can supply multiple wallet addresses by combining the above patterns and supplying it as a comma-separated string.


Your URL should look something like this and should also include a production API Key:


You can also supply multiple wallet addresses to be utilized for all tokens supported by a single chain by using the networkWallets parameter.

The wallet address can be prefixed by any supported Onramper Network ID.


You can use these URLs as a redirect or insert it into an iframe / webview