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If you are an existing client of Onramper read on to find out more about how to migrate to the new widget.

Contact us to get on-boarded and receive your production API key.

Migration Plan


While the migration is in effect both and will remain functional. The old widget will no longer receive any feature updates or new onramps and is effectively frozen.

Step 1: Get a new API Key

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager and supply your current production API key to receive a new production API key that will function on the new infrastructure.

Step 2: Change your integration URL

You can supply your current integration URL to your Customer Success Manager and a updated one will be returned along with your new production API key.

After receiving your new production API key and adding it to your integration URL changing to will be enough to get you up and running.

If you are using any of the customization parameters involving fiats, cryptos, payment methods or wallet address, these will also need updating since we have updated our normalization algorithms, check out the relevant pages for more information.

Step 3 (optional): Webhooks

During the migration journey Webhooks will continue to be sent in the same fashion.

If you utilize your new production API key with no updates are needed on your side and we will ensure transactions done with the new widget will be sent to the same Webhook URL that was previously supplied.