Get started with our API


If you don't have a production API key yet, please contact us.

All of our API requests require the Authorization header to be set with your production API key.

Authorization: pk_prod_01GQH660AP1Y1P9425ES10MY58

Check out our Postman Collection to get an overview of all our API endpoints that are available.

Publishable and Secret Keys

Each Onramper customer will receive two API Keys depending on applicable use-cases.

Publishablepk_prod_01GQH660AP1Y1P9425ES10MY58Client-side API Key, can be publicly-accessible in your client-side code.
Secretsk_prod_01GQH660AP1Y1P9425ES10MY58Server-side API Key, must be secret and securely stored.

Keeping your keys safe

Your public API Key always starts with pk. This API Key can be freely embedded in webpages or mobile applications.

Your secret API Key always starts with sk. It can be used for a variety of API calls so always ensure proper safe-keeping.

  • NEVER embed your secret API Key in any webpages or mobile applications.
  • Don't store the secret API Key in any version control system.
  • Limit who has access to your secret API Key.